Clubhouse developing

Clubhouse is developing a new way to invite friends to chat called ‘Wave’

Clubhouse isn’t just an app you can fire up to attend talks by famous people. It has different types of rooms you can use, including ones where you can have intimate, private conversations with friends — and in the future, you may be able to invite those friends to chat by “waving” at them. Jane…

admits developing

TCL admits to developing, and cancelling, a clamshell foldable that would have undercut the Galaxy Z Flip series

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developing Researchers

Researchers developing smart dental implants that resist bacterial growth, generate their own electricity

A “smart” dental implant could improve upon current devices by employing biofilm-resisting nanoparticles and a battery-powered light to promote health of the surrounding gum tissue. Credit: Geelsu Hwang More than 3 million people in America have dental implants, used to replace a tooth lost to decay, gum disease, or injury. Implants represent a leap of…

developing multifunctional

Developing multifunctional composite materials for aerospace applications

An oyster shell’s inside is lined with nacre or mother-of-pearl, which can provide an inspiration for the design of MXene-based composites. Credit: South Dakota State University Materials for aerospace applications face many challenges. The structure of an aircraft must be light yet strong. Structural components such as the wings or fuselage must resist damage while…

developing Korea

S Korea developing missile as powerful as nuclear weapon

Three-tonne missile designed to destroy underground facilities by penetrating tunnels to effectively nullify nuclear launches.South Korea is in the final stages of developing a surface-to-surface ballistic missile as powerful as a tactical nuclear warhead, Yonhap news agency reported, as the country unveiled budget proposals aimed at bolstering its defences against North Korea. According to the…

developing Google

Google developing its own Arm-based processors for Chromebooks, report says

Google introduced the Pixelbook Go, which runs Chrome OS, in 2019.  Sarah Tew/CNET Google is reportedly working on its own processors for Chrome OS-powered laptops and tablets. The tech giant could roll out in-house chips for Chromebooks, based on Arm architecture, in 2023, according to a report Wednesday from Nikkei Asia. Last month, Google revealed that…

developing hurricane

Hurricane Ida Developing Into a ‘Dangerous, Catastrophic’ Storm Overnight

Night has fallen across the entire Gulf of Mexico and the coastlines surrounding it. Meanwhile, Hurricane Ida fiercely gained intensity into through the darkness, and its landfall along the Louisiana-Mississippi border on Sunday could be more impactful than Hurricane Katrina, whose 16-year anniversary mark is also Sunday.The last update from the National Hurricane Center on…


4 Steps for Developing Successful Artificial Intelligence Strategies

As with any new transformational technology, business leaders often rush toward whatever new “shiny object” promises to streamline their business. For artificial intelligence (AI), this was especially true during 2020 as a recent survey found 43 percent of businesses around the world were accelerating their AI initiatives in response to the pandemic.Unfortunately, many of these businesses…

developing Steam

Did you know that before developing Steam, Valve approached many companies to help them build it?

Choose your answer and the correct choice will be revealed. Correct Answer: Sony Keep reading… After having problems keeping online games such as Counter-Strike up to date with new patches, Valve sought to create a platform that would distribute game updates and improve anti-piracy and anti-cheat measures. Selling games on the platform wasn’t considered initially…

Asobi developing

Team Asobi Developing ‘Most Ambitious Game Yet’

by William D’Angelo , posted 10 hours ago / 5,707 ViewsSony Interactive Entertainment first-party studio, Team Asobi, has launched its new brand-new official website. It teases the developer is developing its “most ambitious game yet.” “We are a new and dynamic PlayStation Studio based in vibrant Tokyo, Japan,” reads the ‘About Us’ page. “We create…